No wheels, no cables, no target sights or other gimmicks or gadgets, just a bow composed of a riser with grip, the two limbs and a string.

Although the terms ‘Traditional Archery’ and ‘Barebow Archery’ are two related expressions, a general class and a sub-class of shooting style.

Barebow, as the name suggests, typically refers to competitive target shooting without the aid of a mounted target sight. The style of bows used for this is typically a ‘Recurve’ commonly with a Metal Riser, that handle section supporting the two the flexible ‘Limbs’ which the string with arrow notch is anchored.

Traditional Archery, the broader term mentioned earlier includes various forms of ‘Recurve’ and ‘Longbows’, which can be found crafted from combinations of wood, composite plastic and fibre, or metal.

In all cases, it is the elegant simplicity of design, one relatively unchanged, only progressively refined since the dawn of history that makes attractive this disciplined study and practice of art, science, and sport we call Traditional Archery.