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She, Her Teknomage, Storyteller, Musician, Maker, Fashionista, Cooperative Enterprise and Product Architect, Advocate for Ecocentric Socially Responsible Technology

The Question of Innocent Bias

There is no fair and equal discussion about intersectional inequality, with the predominant factors aligned with the wholly invented concept of race and caste-based on skin colour.

There is no right to plead ignorance of biases that with careful deliberation been designed and encoded into law and custom over 400 years.

For over 4 millennia Perception Management of increasing sophistication has been used by the few to secure power over the many. The burden of proof is upon those who directly benefit from duplicity in the perpetuation of this system.

Culture is a technology, a repository and conduit of technologies. We shape and are shaped by this invention called culture, and as a planetary civilization, we have grown so richly complex that we have outstripped the capacity of these diverse, unaided forms of native common sense.

The solution is not to abandon our heritages without question, but the adoption of an Intentional Common Sense, a lingua franca of reason subject to continuous testing and improvement.

We have had enough of “Trickle Down Economics” and “Move Fast and Break Things” greed and irresponsibility that by different names have for generations led us to and directly precipitated, the crisis we face.

Womҳn Cloud Coopeгatıve uses Traditional Archery as set and setting, a gathering point for deliberately thoughtful discourse on our transition or paradigm shift to a more literally conservative (as in environmental conservation), socio-economically sustainable and ecocentric cultural framework of values and practices, and a spiritual yet secular movable feast in celebration of the best we have within us to share.

Major topics of discussion will be . . .
Adulting, Life Management Skills
Healthcare, Housing and Mobility
Education, Training, Employment